[Brochure] Karlsruher Forschungsfabrik

AI-integrated production
Optimizing established processes,
upgrading immature processes

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[Book] Informatik in der Fabrik – Die Welten wachsen zusammen

(English: Information Technology in the Factory – the worlds are growing together)

Cover Informatik in der Fabrik

Die Welten wachsen zusammen.
Ein Überblick von Olaf Sauer und Thomas Usländer
(English: An overview by Olaf Sauer and Thomas Usländer)

EPUB 978-3-932298-96-7

PDF 978-3-932298-95-0 (German website)

Game changing innovations through cooperation.

German title: Schnellere Innovationen durch zielgerichtete Kooperation.

Autoregion international, Issue 02/2021, VEK-Verlag, S. 16. (

IoT Wissen Kompakt IoT (source: Beileger zur it&Production), Issue 2021/22, p. 34. (German magazine)

[Podcast] Interview with Dr. Olaf Sauer

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Oliver Schonschek from Insider Research talked with Dr. Olaf Sauer about the model of embedded scientists in the Research Factory and about the idea of the Karlsruhe Research Factory to be able to go to market very quickly with a new process for a new product.

This podcast is presented in collaboration with Smart Electronic Factory e.V. (German website).

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On October 16, 2020, the first InnovationFestival took place as a hybrid event. 40 invited guests on site followed the keynotes and exciting impulse presentations, as well as about 2,000 viewers* from 16 nations via livestream.

In his presentation, Dr. Olaf Sauer introduced the Karlsruhe Research Factory for AI-Integrated Production.


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Die Karlsruher Forschungsfabrik: Unreife Prozesse schnell zur Serienreife bringen

English: The Karlsruhe Research Factory: Getting immature processes ready for series production in a short time