Forms of cooperation for SMEs and large companies

How you can take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the Karlsruhe Research Factory

Studies show that targeted cooperation between companies and research institutions leads more quickly to new products, services and processes. Depending on the scope and nature of the problem or challenge, different forms of cooperation can be considered. Whether short- or long-term, with a focus on concrete problem solving or on comprehensive competence building, bilaterally or in a larger network - contact us, together we will find the right model for your case!

With our cooperation models, we enable companies to accelerate product and process developments in a precisely tailored manner. Innovative ideas should be put into practice as quickly as possible, with all aspects leading to actual market success. Even though the cooperation is agreed upon individually and precisely in the end in each case, the cooperation possibilities can be roughly divided into three categories:

In addition to the usual forms of cooperation between companies and research institutes (contract research or funded joint projects), the Karlsruhe Research Factory offers you new opportunities to access the know-how of our scientists and developers directly and exclusively under the heading of "Innovation Center".


Innovation Center or Embedded Scientists:

Collaboration directly on the pulse of science

As a strategic partner in an Innovation Center, you have the opportunity to conduct research together with employees in the Karlsruhe Research Factory on questions from your company or to further develop real production processes with the help of our possibilities.

Latest research results

The jointly defined research task is worked out by our scientific staff in close coordination with you in the Karlsruhe Research Factory and interim results are continuously transferred to you. In this way, you can use the latest research results for your questions without additional personnel costs.

Embedded Scientists

In addition, you have the opportunity to send your employees to the Karlsruhe Research Factory as Embedded Scientists, so that they can work in a team with our scientific staff and developers on a daily basis - with direct access to their know-how.

Your plants on site

If the projects focus on your systems or components, these can be set up in the Karlsruhe research factory and thus used directly for the projects.

Broad scientific and application expertise

Our scientific staff has extensive technology know-how and can make the latest research results usable for your questions. Our additional, cross-industry application knowledge enables us to look beyond our own horizons and opens up creative scope - from workshop design and the optimization of technical solutions to exploitation issues/IP protection. 


Precisely tailored to your requirements

In particular, by taking advantage of the opportunity to send your own employees as embedded scientists and/or to set up your machines and systems on site in the research factory, you can ensure that the solutions that emerge are precisely tailored and target-oriented:

  • Your employees bring specific product and process know-how as well as knowledge of your markets.
  • Your own plants or components are the ideal development environment for practical results.


Optimal R&D environment

All laboratories and test fields are equipped with state-of-the-art industrial components so that applications and products can be realistically tested and improved there. When setting up prototypes and hardware, our in-house workshop and our IT specialists will help you to quickly achieve the first tangible results.

Of course, we also ensure the necessary confidentiality towards visitors and competitors.


On this basis, we can quickly put innovative ideas, concepts or products into practice together, so that you and your customers benefit directly - from brainstorming to the realized business case.