Our offer for SMEs and large enterprises

Long-term partnerships wanted

Studies show that targeted cooperations between companies and research institutions lead more quickly to new products, services and processes. With the 'Enterprise Labs' we help companies to accelerate product and process development. Innovative ideas shall be put into practice as quick as possible, with all aspects leading to actual market success.

In addition to the usual bilateral cooperation with the institutes in the form of funded joint projects or direct contract research, we offer you new possibilities ('Enterprise Labs') in the Research Factory to access the know-how of our scientists and developers directly and exclusively. This allows you to put innovative ideas, concepts or products into practice, so that you and your customers benefit directly - from brainstorming to the realized business case.

Work directly on the pulse of science

Within the 'Labs', employees from the respective company work together with scientists and developers from the Karlsruher Forschungsfabrik¬ģ in a team on a daily basis, thus creating innovations 'Made in Germany'. The employees from the company contribute specific product and process know-how as well as knowledge of the business processes of their market. Our scientists have extensive technology know-how and application knowledge from various industries. This cooperation produces targeted results, including jointly developed business cases with specific customer benefits.

All laboratories and test fields are equipped with state-of-the-art industrial components so that applications and products can be tested and improved under realistic conditions. Our in-house workshop will help you with the construction of prototypes and hardware in order to quickly achieve the first tangible results. We also ensure the necessary confidentiality towards visitors or competitors.

Manufacturing IT Future Lab

Intelligent machines and components lab

Embedded Scientists

Our offer of trainings and workshops


Machine Learning workshop


Training AI-supported process optimization

  • Free of charge
  • Interactive materials for self-study
  • For professionals and managers

Fit4E workshop

Methodically supporting companies in the electromobility transformation process


Application Center IIoT Edge

Hands-on training for factory automation, modular production technology and cloud/edge computing.