Current work of the partners

Among others, Fraunhofer IOSB will use the results of the current ML4P lead project to directly integrate the results of the research factory into the projects on immature processes. The same applies to the results of the work in the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence "Cognitive Internet Technologies", where the IOSB is represented in the Machine Learning Research Center. Here IOSB focuses on comprehensible, robust learning methods combined with production-specific expert knowledge. With its flexible infrastructure, the research factory will be an important test and demonstration environment.


Fraunhofer ICT is currently working on the concept and realization of a modular and (re-)configurable production plant using hybrid thermoplastic fiber composites as an example. This is a project, funded by the German BMBF: "MoPaHyb (Modular production plant for hybrid high performance components). The project focuses on the development of a production architecture as well as a higher-level control and regulation unit with standardised communication protocols. The flexible manufacturing cell is being tested on two different components.


In addition to system and control technology development, ICT is working in cooperation with other institutes on the self-regulation of processes which are not defined by parameter settings, but which "know" the component and optimize its production via self-regulation.


In manufacturing with immature processes, errors of varying severity occur both temporally and locally. This places high demands on automation technology, which must be developed from a controlled process sequence to an autonomously operating production system, which continues to be the priority goal in the cooperation of the research factory. The wbk Institute of Production Science of the KIT is already working on subtasks that deal with these challenges in the fields of gripping technology, robotics for the application fields of lightweight manufacturing, and electromobility. An extract of current projects are


  • "Virtual design of gripping systems for sensitive components" of the BW Foundation,
  • "Smart body-in-white cells for a synergetic ramp-up of electrified vehicles", sponsored by the BMWi,
  • "Novel series-flexible winding processes for the economic automated production of high-performance electrical machines" of the BMBF and
  • the project "Forming technology-based process modelling of the linear coil winding process" of the DFG.